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Alan Gordon aka Blaak Lung is a self-described “artist first,” with a passion for music since the day he was born.  He is also a producer; writer; musician and businessman that believes that music is “not just entertainment” but has a role to teach to the music community and world at large.  He has set on a path to “do what wasn’t being done,” the way he saw fit – to spread the joy and splendor of music throughout the world on his terms.


 Drawn towards the power of music as a young child, Blaak Lung played drums, piano, and clarinet by the age of ten.  He played in school bands in the California Bay area, feeding his love for music.  But the spark that got him started on the path he travels as an artist/musician/producer was a Yamaha keyboard/sequencer in 1984, the rest, is history.


 He credits his music skill as being born from being influenced by the vintage Roots music works of Reggae greats such as Augustus Pablo, Rockets International, King Tubby and other Dub musician as well as conscious Hip-Hop artists of the 80’s era, notably KRS-One.  At the age of thirteen he began creating Reggae, Hip-Hop, and R&B tracks in home-based studios.   The influence of this rich mixture of influential music can be heard through his revolutionary lyrics, classic melodies, the heavy bass, and heavy kick songs produced individually and in collaboration with other artists.


Blaak Lung created the independent grassroots label “GreenSphere Records” in conjunction with GreenSphere Labs (a production facility) in Oakland, California in 1996 in addition to an aspiring career as an artist and musician.  Not your typical musician he elevated to producing and recording quality conscious music for a variety of artists such as: Perfect Gidimanai, Mikey Dread, Andrew Tosh, Turbulence, Mega Banton, Pressure Bus Pipe, Jalani Horton of Bambu Station, Marquis Melody, Jah Warri, Arkaingelle, Jr, Toots, Ras Batch, Ras Attitude, Sheep Advisory Unit, Dugsy Ranks, Wadi Gad, Soul Rebel aka “Windstrong”, Malika Madremana and many more.


 In addition to his production works, Blaak Lung began with two solo projects that embody his expression and gift as an artist and boldly introduced his “authentic-yet-unique riddims, powerful messages, and unwavering mission to the world. His first album “To The Souls of Old” was released in 2004.  He describes the vibe of this album as “old-school, vintage, foundation, one-drop music.”  He dedicated the album as “homage to the Elders that gave him life direction – to let them know that we are still trying to carry on their vision.”  Songs like “The Truth”, “Change Song”, and “I Am That I Am,” provide listeners with refreshing new sounds that exemplify Blaak Lung’s unique vocal styles including a hybrid of Rap, DJ, and Poetry.


 Blaak Lung’s second album titled “Frontline” was produced in 2006 on his GreenSphere Records label. The Frontline album was made in collaboration with D.A.A.P. Band (A talented Virgin Island group then consisting of Abijah Hicks, Dion Hopkins, and Phillip Merchant); as well as  legendary guitarist Vince Black.  Blaak Lung credits this album as exemplifying his growth as an artist – he describes the sound as “more precise, more solid, than previous works.”  The album is a deeply moving collection of tunes he calls “powerfully conscious listening roots – simple, yet solid.”  Songs like “Million Miles From Home”, “Free Up Your Mind”, and “Rise and Fall” provide listeners with hauntingly unforgettable melodies and word sound power that force the issues expressed by the artists to the Frontline – literally.


Since 2006 Blaak Lung has worked in his studio with numerous artists ex: Arkaingelle, Mega Banton, Jah Dan,  Lutan fyah, Pressure Bus Pipe, Prestige, Elephant Man, Marcia Griffith, Zareb, Nuby Dan, Bambu Station, Malika Madremana, Rankin Scroo, Messenjah Selah, Luv Fyah, Winstrong, Tuff Lion, Noble Culture, BushMan, Jr. Toots, Ras Batch, Ras Attitude, Norrisman, Jah Warri. and many more.


Albums Blaak Lung has worked on and completed since 2006: 

1) Ras Batch  I-ver Strong (2007); 2) Ras Attitude Trodding Home (2007); 3) Malika Madremana Elixer (2007); 4) Blaak Lung Aspire (2008); 5) Arkaingelle O'pen (2008); 6) Blaak Lung Rooted In Inity (2010); 7) Blaak Lung Be Ever (2011); and 8) Blaak Lung Signs Of Change (2013) Arkaingelle - …And Behold (2017); Blaak Lung – The Looking Glass (Summer 2017); Blaak Lung - For Love (2021)


"Rooted In Inity" was an excellent album that Blaak Lung put out in 2010, but he released a solid follow-up a year later, "Be Ever". These two albums signaled a change in direction for the label and Blaak Lung, who had been putting out full albums and singles for others and finally pulled off the brakes to his own musical ingenuity and went full speed down the road to greatness with “Signs of Change.”


"Signs Of Change" album release from Blaak Lung, via Green Sphere Records. "Signs Of Change", has a very strong Intro on which Blaak, creatively outlines his own intentions with the album then lifts the listener to rollercoaster heights and keeps ascending without looking back.   As described by one music critic, “The first actual full song on this album is up and it's a guaranteed signature from this set, 'One Nation'. This is a piece about unity and unification on both the small and large scales,” plus, “it also has that type of big and vibrant sound that you want to hear at the head of an album (as does the intro), which would make a newer listener curious to hear more”.


“The Looking Glass” released  2017.


“ For Love” released 2021


Recent Performance and Shows:

  Northwest World Reggae Festival (2019)

  Ashkenaz Berkeley, CA (2019)

  Cooper's Nevada City, CA (2019)

  Ashkenaz Berkeley, CA (2018)

  Finishing College (2018)

  Seattle Washington (2017)

  Bay Vibes Reggae Festival Oakland, Ca (2015)

  One Love One Heart Sacramento, Ca (2015)

  Arcata Theater Arcata, Ca (2016)

  Ashkenaz Berkeley, CA (2014)

  Pier 23 San Francisco, CA  (2012)

  One Love, One Heart Reggae Music Festival, Sacramento, Ca (2012);

  The Burning Bush Show, Oasis, Oakland, Ca (2012);

  Opened for Lutan Fyah, Oregon (2012);

  Pier 23 San Francisco, CA (2011)

  Bob Marley, AG Fair, Hilo Hawaii (2011);

  Opened for Louie Culture at Rocket Room, San Francisco, Ca (2010);

  Opened for Queen Omega, Ashkenaz, Berkeley (2009);

  Monterey Reggae Festival (2009);

  Rooted In Inity Tour (California, Oregon, Washington) (2008); 















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